What does LED Lighting Facts?

The LED Lighting Facts program was launched by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in 2008 to promote the accurate and consistent reporting of LED product performance claims. Hundreds of market-available products are listed with the program each month. That’s an indication of how rapidly solid-state lighting is developing and how quickly new LED lighting products are pouring onto the market. The program’s ever-expanding reach is also reflected in the fact that there are now thousands of LED Lighting Facts partners, including manufacturers, retailers and distributors, lighting professionals, testing laboratories and energy-efficiency sponsors.

The LED Lighting Facts program is designed to ensure that the LED products you find on the market meet your expectations for performance. Manufacturers that list their products with LED Lighting Facts voluntarily pledge to report their products’ performance results. Those results appear on the LED Lighting Facts label, which helps retailers and other industry buyers make informed purchasing decisions for their lighting inventory.

For more information on the growing community of LED Lighting Facts partners throughout the lighting supply chain who are committed to improving LED product quality, go to the LED Lighting Facts Partner tab, located in the top menu.

All Greenlux and Greenlux Pro Series products have lighting facts labels.

Lighting Facts Sample Label